Saturday, April 25, 2009

Award and Udder Noos

We received this lufferly award from Karen Jo at Kitty Limericks!

1. Give five reasons why you think life is grand.
2. Pass the award on to five more blogs.

1. We really seem to like the new house.

2. We have TONS more room.

3. We can slide around on the wooden floors when we are playing TH0E!!!

4. Running up and down the stairs is the greatest thrill!

5. There are lots of places to hide, and Obi is in a much better mood.

We shall pass this award to efurry buddy who wants to play. Ok?

In udder noos, Maw has not cot the Orinch puddin yet. She mite hast to trap him. He's a wee bit skeered ov da insides ov da old house an' won't walk inside it wen she hast da door opin. Maw goes over der efurry day affer werk to feedz him.

Luf, Us

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Like the Stairs

Ok. We never had an upstairs before. And we have decided that we like the stairs. And we also like walking across the tile in the bathrooms because we make noise. And yesterday Maw let us out on our new patio. This was very exciting. Exceptin' she needs to install additional platforms on a lower level for us so we can jump off the upper platforms. Maw isn't totally sure where her camera is or we would show you.

Luf, Us

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We Mooved!

Otay. We Mooved. We were not impressed with driving for 50 minutes to get to our new house. We were not impressed that we were left alone in 2 separate rooms overnight while Maw and Paw were gone. This did not impress us. Then, the next day, Maw came over and turned on radios as Princess' Mom suggested and then people were making sort of loud noises and we didn't know what was going on. And later, Maw and Paw opened our doors and let us out. We were not impressed. We didn't eat much for several days. And we didn't eat all of our stinky goodness on Tuesday. But by Wednesday, we were taking food units in, and outputting them through the other end. By today, we are pretty much back to normal. Gatsbi lives upstairs. She went upstairs twice, and came down once. We figure she is just going to live up there now. We luf luf luf the litter box room under the stairs. The guy whom we know as Greg changed out the ugly dark green carpet and installed wood in there. We luf luf luf that little hidey hole now. We don't really like the m-i-l suite too much. It has litter boxes, and food units, and a drinkey fountain, but we don't go in there too much. Maw hasn't opened up the doorway to the screened-in patio yet. She has to wait for a box to be found that has one of our climbing trees in it. Then she will put a couple of those flat panels down so that we can jump onto those and go through the window. There are a lot of boxes in this house. We don't really understand that. Oh, and we luf luf luf the new counter with those chairs in front of it. Because we jump on those stools, and make our way all over the counter which is a bit more large than our previous counter. So this is impressive.

Luf, Us