Thursday, January 12, 2017

10th Blogoversary!

Hello everyone! It is actually our 10th Blogoversary! We sure haven't posted much over the last few years, but we try and stop by if we see that a kitty has crossed over and leave a few words on the blogs.

This is Smokey. He was a foster failure from 13 years ago, when we took in 4 foster kitties who were all very ill. They were about 9 months old when we took them in. It took a long time to get them over their horrible diarrhea, and get their Herpes-1 virus under control. They all had a messy eye on the right side, except for Obi. We are foster failures because we end up falling in love with the kitties and keeping them.

And we have another group of foster failures, where we have 4 more kitties who are now about 2 1/2 years old. We need to update our blog. It is on Maw's list of stuff to do.

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs to all of you!

All of us at Forty Paws.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

G.T. Crossed Over

Today is a very sad day at Forty Paws. G.T. crossed over this morning. This poor guy went through so much in his lifetime. He broke his leg in 2005 as you can see from this picture. He was climbing up onto the top of the china hutch and fell off, breaking his leg. He had horrible allergies for fourteen years, and received allergy serum shots every week, in addition to extra shots at the vet when he would start scratching and ulcerating his skin in various spots on his body. And over the last few months he went into severe kidney failure and was on fluids and also had to be put on Lasix because the fluid would build up around his lungs and cause him to have rapid breathing. Medical intervention throughout this guy's life kept him alive.  And he would NOT TAKE PILLS. So everything had to be injected into this kitty. He did fine with injections. But forget about any pills!

He was a happy cat, and loved to eat anything with spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, salmon, rotisserie chicken, turkey, shredded cheddar cheese, and certain salad dressings. He was always licking off my plate. Yes, he ate cat food as well as human food... He sat on my lap a good deal of the time, and slept with me as well.

We lost his brother, Dorf, last September when I was at the PSI Pet Sitters Convention. He threw a blood clot and it paralyzed the back end of his body. So he crossed over on September 10, 2015. And now we have lost G.T. on September 4, 2016.

We fostered the entire litter of these cats back in 2000. There were 8 kitties, and they all looked so identical, that we put ribbons on them when they went up for adoption so that people could look at their biographies and see what kind of kitty they were. Both G.T. and Dorf went to the adoption for several weekends, and were not adopted, so we ended up keeping both of them. And we really enjoyed them so much! They were both such great kitties! But they both had serious medical issues for the majority of their lives, and so we wonder how the other 6 kitties did in their homes.

So very sad here at Forty Paws.

All of us at Forty Paws and Maw

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Additional Secret Paws 2015

 Misty Mae playing in the cat tent!

 Madeline lying on the home made quilt with the nip attachment!

 Misty Mae, Midnight (behind the tent in the center), G.T., and Smokey
Misty Mae, Marmalade and Midnight

 Marmalade lying in the cat tent.

 Misty Mae, Madeline, Marmalade, and G.T. (in the back)

Madeline chillaxin' on the homemade quilt!

We luf all of the prezzies that we received from Angel Smokey and Tessie! We have been playing with them all day and all night and all day today! And we also received a 3 pack of Yeowww Catnip cigars, which we totally luf!!!!

Hugs from all of us at Forty Paws!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Secret Paws 2015!!!!

We got the most awesomest Secret Paws Chrissymouse Presents!!! We will post more photos later, cause Maw has to leave now.

We luf all of the stuff Angel Smokey and Tessie!!!

Hugs, All of us at Forty Paws

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dorf Crossed Over

Dorf crossed over the bridge on Friday, September 10, 2015. Maw was at the PSI Pet Sitter's Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC when Dorf threw a blood clot which caused him to lose all feeling for the lower half of his body. Luckily, Paw was at home watching after all of the cats and found Dorf howling and carrying on, so Paw rushed him to Dr. Stevenson and found out what had happened. Since we had lost Reno a couple of months back when he threw a blood clot, and then had a heart attack, we decided it was time to let the ol' boy go. Dorf had no teeth, was blind, had horrible arthritis in his hocks and was on pain killers, and had developed fluid around his lungs. He was a favorite of this household and is missed very much.

Luf, All of us at Forty Paws

Friday, December 26, 2014

Secret Paws!!!!

We opened our Secret Paws yesterday, on Chrissymouse Day! What a great time we had!!!! You can see by all of the pictures that we were enjoying this nip festival!!! It came all the way from England, and everything was written in German on the packages, but Paw was able to read it because he took German in school!!! So, anyways, we received this totally awesome package from Katzenworld!!!!   We are totally impressed with the nip/valerian festival that they sent to us!!! We even love the box!!!!

Here is Dorf smelling the toys in the box!
This is Orinch playing with one of the toys, and Madeline playing with another toy, and you can barely see her, but Midnight, the black kitty, is at the top right hand side playing with a toy wrapper!

Orinch really loves the Christmas toy, and Midnight is at the upper center, and to the right of Midnight is Misty, and then G.T. on the bottom right.

Here is Orinch with the Christmas toy, and Misty is smelling it, and Midnight is playing with the tiger striped toy, and G.T. and Dorf are watching.

Madeline joins in on the festivities here.

Madeline is laying in the box, while Misty and Dorf are watching her.

Sally is having a smelling feast here!
And here is a good photo of Midnight, who has been playing with the mice that were sent in the package. She plays and plays and plays with the mice until she gets to panting from all of the activity, and then she plays some more! She totally loves these mice!

We are so very very very happy with our Secret Paws package!!!!!!!!!

G.T., Dorf, Smokey, Sally, Reno, Orinch, Midnight, Misty, Marmalade, and Madeline