GT and DORF are the Official Quality Assurance Testers and Inspectors at Forty Paws. 
They guarantee that each and every ham-mick shipping to you is of the finest quality ~
providing maximum kitty comfort ~
washability ~ warmth and coziness! 
DORF recently was promoted to VP of Strength,
and has the added responsibility of ensuring that every kitty,
no matter their size or weight, will find their
ham-mick a "puff-fect fit"
(hang low, big Dorf)!

So check out the Ham-Micks blog ~ so many great
fabric choices, great prices ~ you'll want one
for each kitty in your house!


Unknown said...

I would love to get a hammick for Loulou, who looks like Reno's twin sister! How do I get a hammock sent to Austin, or France. Do they fold up???

Forty Paws said...

They are sent in a priority box in the US. They are not put together in the box. We can send them to Austin, or France. France would be much more expensive for shipping though.

Merceda and Dorfie