Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jenny, The Formerly Feral Feral

Hi Efurryone!!! I am Jenny. I been here wid my Maw fer almost 13 years now. Maw didn't know nuthin' bout Ferals wen she picked me out from a group of rescued kits at a furry nice lady's home. The furry nice lady and her hubby trapped me and about 30 udder cats and kits from under an ol' lady's house 'cause the ol' lady passed over da bridge and we wuz fending for ourselves out of the Taco Bell dumpster next door. (I still like Taco Bell meat!!!) Anyway, I was trapped at several months old and I was already fairly feral. So, Maw being an unaware bean, thought I wuz the perfect friend for the ol' Fart Bow and brought me home. Me and Bow is bestest furriends. He de only poodie dat I let sniff me or sleep close to me.
Maw and Paw say dat "I exist". I live in the howse with all the udder poodies here, I eat and sleep here. Sumtimes I cum out from hiding and meow at Maw so she will talk to me. Den we carry on a long conversation.
Me: Mew
Maw: What Jenny?
Me: Mewp
Maw: Do you want something Jenny?
Me: Meow Mew
Maw: Yes Jenny.
Me: Mew Meow
Maw: Do you want to play?
Me: Mewp
Maw: Can I pet you Jenny?
Me: Meowp!!
Den I leave.
If Maw or Paw walk into the room wen I is chewing on stinky goodness, I run. So dey walk on eggshells around me, or so dey say. Not knowing wat eggshells are, I dunt know.
I dunt haf to go to da V-E-T much cuz dey caint catch me. I only been maybe 4 times in my whole life!!! I is furry lucky.
Bye bye.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Nice to meet you Jenny. It's too bad you don't like being pet - it's one of the most wonderful things in the world! It sounds like you have a great forever home.

Daisy said...

I am glad to meet you pretty Jenny. You looks very sweet. Bye bye!


Jenny yu are furry purrty and it is so gud dat yur Maw and Paw are takin such gud care of yu and yur brofurs and sisfurs. Yu have had a furry interestin life.

Welcome to the cat blogosphere.

Abby(the mini-manx)

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Hi Jenny! It certainly sounds like you know exactly what you want. I hate to be touched too but I didn't have a hard life like you. I'm glad you have a bestest kitty friend!


Mr. Hendrix said...

Nice to meet you Jenny! I'm glad you found a friend among the othe kitties. Even ferals start colonies cause they likes the company.
You have a wonderful Maw & Paw to takes such good care of all of you. I just read about Obi today too and am thankful that he found your beans.
Just for the record, my mommy would totally adopt a special needs kitty. She and daddy said they'd sell a car to make sure I have good medical attention. I hope (so do they) they never have to!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We's purrleezed to meet yoo Jenny.Yoo are furry purrty. One of mum's befurrus cats wuz cawled Mr. Tosies an he didn't like being petted an didn't like coming indoors much.Then when he gotted old, he changed his mind and came indoors to live all the time, an he decided that petting wuzn't so bad. He wuz Kitty Yumbum's last surviving brofurr, an went ofurr the bridge about 2 1/2 years befurr she did.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

i find dis entree verree intrestin. i, miself, wuz feral. but i wuz brought to dis howse wen i wuz jus weekz old. mi noo brudder matsui (hoo iz currentlee hidin under da bed) iz approximatlee 6 monthz old ... an iz still feelin wild in dis howse. hee'z beginnin to come owt frumunder da bed ... but hee'z still verree scared. will he stay under da bed ferever?
pleez advize.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Hi Jenny, you are very cute and very funny. You should try letting your people pet you sometimes. You may like it.

Anonymous said...

It's very nice to meet you Jenny! I like Taco Bell meat myself - yum. We were all feral kittens from the same litter. Cocoa and I became pretty friendly pretty fast, but not Grr. She only likes the Blonde Girl and only wants to be touched when it's her own idea.

Tara said...

I like to talk too..but I do like to be petted, but only when I ask for it! Tara

The M's said...

You are a very beautiful lady. Glad to know that you have a furreber home.

Lux said...

I'm proud to know you, Jenny! You *are very lucky that you haven't had to go to the vet very many times!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

that is a very nice conversation, Jenny. You look so nice and snuggly in the picture too!

Around Your Wrist said...

i'm glad you've got parents who know you and know how to love you best!