Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome to Forty Paws

I'm Dorfington Fish Stanley. Dorf for short. I live with my blood brother and 8 other crazy felines. This is a really stupid picture of me in my onesie and my E-collar after having Silvadene cream rubbed on my capillary vasculitis eruption on my belly. Very long story. Silvadene cream tastes really great and G.T. (my brother) and I love to lick it off my belly so I have to wear this onesie until the cream soaks in.
So all you cats out there, listen up. If your vet tells you that you have Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions and need to have some teeth extracted, run VERY FAST. They caught me and pulled 10 of my teeth. Which means I only have 20 left!!! Pullleeezzzzzeeee. And they pulled my upper canine, so my lip gets stuck on my gums and it looks like I have a hairlip.
I also have a severe attitude, which probably comes from the fact that I had these 10 bad teeth for several years and no one knew!!! So, I would pick on the fosters and chase them around the house and make them wet themselves. Which is easy for Obi to do because he's a real eunich, but that's another very long story.
So I've been on kitty Prozac and anti-anxiety meds and other craziness which only increases my attitude. Then I decided I needed to go to the bathroom on my mom's Bunco team member's purse. That's when it really hit the fan around here!!!

Well, we are totally new to this blogging lifestyle, so hang in there with us while we figure out what it's all about.


Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Dorf... being without teeth isn't so bad - I don't have any because the few I did have (long story) were infected & had to be pulled. Welcome to cat blogoshere.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Dorf. In spite of everything, you look cute in your onesie. Hope your eruption is better.
It sounds like you have some pretty special humans to take care of you and your special needs family.