Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tagged Tuesday

Dorf will answer this meme.

A) Four places I have lived:
1. A farm in Kaufman County
2. My furrever home with Maw & Paw

B) Four things I love to watch:

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
My regular V-E-T
North Texas Veterinary Referral Center:
Surgery Center
Radiology Center
My V-E-T dentist

D) Four websites I visit daily:
MSNBC for news
Il Divo to see what the boys are up to
Tons of cat blogs
Anything else that needs researching

E) Four of my favorite foods:
Blueberry low fat Yogurt
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Science Diet Z/D
IAMs Original

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
Sleeping in the sun
On Paw's lap
Sleeping between Maw's legs on da big bean bed
On a cat bed

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
Cat dancer
Kitty kwicken
Galkie Co. Kitty Toy

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:
Dorfington Fish Stanley
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper

I) Regarding Catnip:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: 1

J) Regarding Cat Grass:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: 2

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
A shelter for all the homeless poodins
A V-E-T hospital to take care of all of them
A huge house with rooms for all ten of us
A huge cage off the back of our new house

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
Scare the pee out of Obi
Scare the poop out of Obi
Traumatize Gatsbi
Follow Maw everywhere she goes

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
Scare the pee out of Obi
Scare the poop out of Obi
Get more of my teeth extracted
Feel better

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
My ability to scare the pee out of Obi
My ability to scare the poop out of Obi
My cage
My remaining teeth

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
Scare the pee out of Obi
Scare the poop out of Obi
Help Maw

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)
Answer: 3

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:
Any poodin who hasn't done it yet.

You know the drill. Copy this list and paste it into a new post. Insert your own answers, pass it on, and leave me a comment. I like comments. Yes, it's long. So skip some questions - you're a cat and don't have to do what anyone tells you.

Luf, Dorf


The M's said...

Wow Dorf, you sure do like to scare Obi, you might want to be a little more careful, they say that paybacks can be terrible.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Dorf, you clearly enjoy scaring Obi! Poor Obi. I hope your teeth are okay and that you feel better this summer too!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I'm glad I'm not Obi!! Though I bet I could give you a run for your money. I'm quite tough even though I'm a girl.


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

I only have a few teeth left too!! We have a lot in common!

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

I'm with you on the sharp cheddar cheese! I love the stuff myself.

Did you know that the humans WENT to Cheddar this past summer? They didn't even bring me back any cheddar cheese.



I learned a lot about you...I fink I am glad I am not Obi too.


Tara said...

Poor Obi, better he than me! I also love yogurt and cheese, but don't get it nearly enough!

Anonymous said...

we're feelin' kinda bad fur Obi rite about now, but we enjoyed yur list.

Karen Jo said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, Dorf, but I feel a little sad for Obi.