Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Davy, Part 3

One of my first questions was "Why did it take 6 days to notify me that my cat had been killed when his collar was found with his remains?" That was a bureaucracy problem. The police department had assumed all responsibility for investigating the mutilations and the shelter was only to be a transporter of remains from the crime scene to the vet and then back to the shelter. The police had even confiscated the shelter's files on all previous mutilations as part of their ongoing criminal investigation. And naturally, the detective was overloaded with more pressing police work.

Also, the editor at our little teeny town newspaper had changed, and the new editor wasn't reporting every mutilation as the previous editor had done. The newspaper's circulation was primarily people with children in sports since that's what the paper reported. I don't have children, and therefore didn't subscribe, so I wasn't aware how many mutilations had been occurring even before the editor change.

The shelter supervisor told me that the mutilations that made news were when a concerned citizen/animal lover such as myself became involved and irate enough to make it news. She told me that she had attended a seminar for Animal Control Officers/Police Officers over in Arlington just that summer on animal cruelty and the perpetrators who commit these crimes. She told me that they were called "dabblers" because they were more "cult want-to-be's" than true cultists. And that the information on performing these sadistic rituals was readily available on the internet behind password protected sites.

So I set forth on my mission. I spoke with the vet who performed Davy's necropsy and found out that he was exsanguinated. She also told me that he had been surgically mutilated, as had all the others that she had examined. I later found out through reading occult books and speaking with people what the dabblers do with the blood.

I spent several days at the public library looking through every roll of microfilm for our little town newspaper and printing out every cat mutilation article. I then mapped out where the mutilations had occurred and where the remains were found. Typically, and this is worldwide, the remains are returned to either the owner's home, or within a couple of blocks of the home.

I began contacting any of the owners that were named, and my network grew as I spoke with more people who knew someone else, etc. I found people in North Dallas, Addison, and Carrollton who had been extremely involved in the mutilations in their area, and then found a police detective in that area who would actually talk with me about it.

I contacted the Southwest Regional office of the Humane Society of the United States and once I presented them with all the information that I had gathered, they contacted their national HQs and a crime expert came out to work with our police department. They also put up a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible. After they became involved, the remains were no longer necropsied by a local vet. They were sent to a forensics lab at Texas A&M.

I called the SPCA of Texas and asked why their $2500 reward had been dropped and was told they thought the problem had gone away, so I provided them with all the information and they posted their award again and also began working with our PD.

Although this was considered "old news" to the tv stations and our little town newspaper, what made it new was that remains were now being left where small children would find them, such as in parks and on school grounds. On August 29 and 30 two TV stations interviewed me and the police captain about the "new rash of mutilations". Our little town newspaper also ran several articles. Then a new mutilation occurred in Carrollton and the Dallas Morning News ran an article on it and mentioned our rash of mutilations. I was also able to get a couple of letters to the editor published in this timeframe.

The police passed out flyers on streets adjacent to the elementary school and the private school where remains were found by children asking for information. I received permission by the HSUS and the SPCA of Texas to use their logos and created a flyer stating a $10,000 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for the mutilation of cats. It also stated in bold letters "KEEP YOUR CAT INDOORS". Myself and 2 others passed out about 3500 flyers in the 2 neighborhoods that had been heavily targeted based on my maps. It devastated me to actually talk with people and plead with them to keep their cats indoors because my own cat had been killed only 2 streets away. They would invariably tell me that their cat wouldn't stay indoors. Arrrgghhhh!!!

Davy was number 36 out of 55 mutilations that I was able to track in this small suburb from October 1997 to May 2001. I couldn't continue counting. I was done.

Two boys were charged with the 5th mutilation when they were 14 years old. They went to trial in their suits and ties with their parents. Although teen witnesses said that the boys bragged about killing and mutilating cats and talked of Satanism and ritualistic killings, the case was dismissed because the owner of the Siamese cat never actually viewed its remains. The boys claimed to be Wiccan, vegetarian and animal lovers on the witness stand. In school, they bragged of their deeds, wore all black, and snake bone necklaces. By the time Davy was killed they were 17 or 18. By the next year, one of them had already reproduced. Ugghhh.

This city did at one time try to claim these were raptor and coyote kills. The first editor of the newspaper prevented that theory from taking hold. A raptor rehabilitator was interviewed and said that no bird of prey could attack and kill a healthy, adult cat. Also, the articles all reported the precise parts of the cat that were removed, and what parts were left at the home or nearby.

I found this to be true with the Santa Clara valley cat mutilations. The animals were drained of blood and surgically mutilated. Later, officials took the stance that these were in fact coyote kills. Aurora, CO took the same stance, although enough articles were well written and detailed prior to their official stance of coyote kills that if one knows enough, they know that these were humans performing cat mutilations. The city adjacent to mine also officially claims all of their mutilations are coyotes. I actually spoke to a woman in a vet clinic who was taking down her "Lost Cat" poster who said a coyote had killed her cat. I asked how she knew that. She said the police and animal control told her because the head was left in her front yard. I asked if there were signs of a struggle, blood, fur, etc. She said, "No, just his head." I thought that was so thoughtful of that coyote to return the head to the owner as a keepsake.

Cities don't like to be known as harboring teenage cult dabblers or people who practice the occult and prey on innocent animals. It sort of does damage to commerce and home sales.

Tomorrow I will wrap this up by telling you how Davy helped get "Loco's Law" passed.


Anonymous said...

You're wonderful. I have so very much respect and admiration for you. I pray that those cruel and sick individuals who were doing these horrendous things got/get exactly what they deserve. It's horrible that we live on this planet with people like that, but people like you make this world a much better place for animals and people. Thank you.


I have not been able to stop thinking about Davey since I read all of this yesterday. I applaud all of your efforts to sort through all of this(...what do you even call it?)disgusting filth to uncover the seamy unlying world of sadistic misguided miscreants. I don't know how any person can perpetuate acts such as these, but then again, it is just not in my nature to understand criminial minds and actions. Thank you for everything you did for Davey. He smiles down on you everyday.


The Crew said...

Bless you for your efforts on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Danger is exactly why Mom refuses to let us outside and has become almost paranoid about knowing exactly where we are at all times, to the point of finding us all before leaving the house and calling us all when she returns home!

Carolina Cats said...

(((Hugs))) I can't imagine how hard it is for you to relive all of this, but thank you for sharing it with us. Davy and all the other innocents who were murdered deserve to be remembered and honored as we work to prevent this type of thing from continuing.


Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

This drives home how truly sick people can be. It is wonderful what you did to try to prevent it from happening to other kitties. I know Davy is proud of you.

R & T Mom

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

I said it yesterday, I'll say it again-bullet to the brain! My brother, who's a child psychologist by title but just a really good guy in life, says that they say 98% of serial killers are known to have started with the torture and mutilation of animals. The other 2% just didn't get caught. He says just like they call them "gateway drugs" that they call this a "gateway crime" and the abusers go on to "bigger and better" meaning human beings. He deals with a lot of kids with "anger issues" he says half of them are not going to be helped by anything and should be "bullet medicated" now. The only time he feels success can be had is if the parents get the kids in early enough, but most parents don't have a clue. These two won't be stopped until they're arreste, sentenced and put to death for murdering a human or humans. What a world we live in. It's great that people like you can help with passing laws. To bad we can't see the evil in their minds at two and eliminate it...

Daisy said...

Anyone who would do this, be they juveniles or adult, has some important part missing in them. I feel sorry for the parents of the boys who did this. And I am also incensed at the city for trying to cover it up. Hooray to you for pursuing it. Who knows how many cats you may have saved with your efforts?
I am really looking forward to reading about Loco's Law, and to know that some good came from something so horrible. Davy would be proud.

Mo and The Purries said...

Thank you for sharing Davy's story with us.
I read parts 1, 2, and 3 today and had to take a "time out" before I could comment.
I know it took courage to re-live this story, but I just wanted to thank you for the lives of the cats out there that you were able to help save.
& the kitties from Purrchance To Dream

Unknown said...

Meezermom speaking: I concur with Morgen...I found it terribly painful to read Davy's story, because I think of my cats as my children. But I found myself equally compelled to read about him...seemingly to recognize the validity of his life...and of his death. You are a very strong and noble person to seek justice for your Davy, and a mother of a human child would seek, or be expected to seek nothing less.

Still, my heart just breaks for you and all you have gone through. You are a blessing to kitties and kitty owners everywhere with your persistance to ensure their safety and right to live...

I commend you!!! {{{HUGS}}}

MaoMao said...

You are proof that love moves mountains. Thank you for being the exceptionally caring, brave and noble person you are.

Huge hugs from Chairman Mao's Momma

HRH Yao-Lin said...

I cannot believe that this kind of thing happens. I really can't. Why would anyone do that? I am so upset by this. I don't have much faith in people but this...this makes me sick to my stomach.

I think you and your plight are wonderful.

Unknown said...

It made me so happy to read about how you helped things be better in your city. Who knows how many innocent kitties you saved?

It also made me so infuriated to hear about those two boys' attitude about their actions. Where does that type of thought and behaviour come from?

I think you did a wonderful job.
Rosie (Oh, and Nammie and Stewie think so, too)

Anonymous said...

This is tragic and very sad what you experienced.

It makes me so sad to see that people allow their cats run loose. We have a lot of kitties running lose in our area.

Myst and Blackie said...

We really respect all your efforts all while you were dealing with the grief of Davy's death. Since it family blog - I can't say what I'd like to see happen to these "people" who do these horrible things.

Mia, Ghost & Jen

Jake and Bathsheba said...

J&B's Mom here: What a horrible story. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's practically unfathomable for me to believe that such people exist, but I know they do.

I'm one of those bad cat owners who lets her babies go outside. Before my boyfriend moved in with me over 12 years ago, I would let my cats out, but only when I was out too. I used to have a very hard time rounding them up (2-3 of them) and getting them inside, but I would never go anywhere if they were still outside.

Today it's different. My boyfriend works from home and he lets the cats come and go all day long. He never liked cats much until he met Jake, and he caters to him. My boyfriend is a great lover of the outdoors and thinks the cats should have lots of freedom. Now that the cats have tasted so much freedom, it's so hard to reign them in. They love our heavily landscaped yard/garden, but they do venture into the little woods behind our home. Neutered Jake has a spraying problem inside, so spending more time outside has been part of our method of coping with that.

I don't know what the answer is. The human world can be an ugly place, but the natural world is truly inspiring. I know that I so much enjoy encountering cats when I go for walks or travel. It seems such a drastic solution to keep all cats indoor only, but I certainly respect people who believe in that.

The Meezers or Billy said...

You are truly wonderful and brave. Davy was a beautiful cat and he must be watching you from the Bridge, so proud of what you have done. I don't think I could have recovered emotionally from such a horrible trauma. Bless you!
Meezer Mom Mary

caspersmom said...

I have just read the saga of Davy and I congratulate you for taking all the time to put this all together to get a law passed. I cried when I was reading it and I can imagine how you felt as it wasn't easy to read. He was such a beautiful cat. I read one of your comments on someone else's blog site about not being able to read or see anything like this on TV. I am the same way, when they start I walk out of the room because I can't handle it. I just can't see how people can treat any kind of animal in any kind of cruel way. I cannot understand either how cities can put up with cults and don't put a stop to them instantly. I live out in the country and my cats are inside cats. Patches was an outside cat but when the cats around here were being attacked or disappeared I brought her in and now she is also an inside cat. Never did find out what or who was doing it. We have feral cats around here now but nothing is happening to them right now. I have what was a dog run which is fenced and I let the cats out there for about a half hour and I'm out there when they are and they know I do not like them to jump the fence. God Bless you for all you have done for cats

Lux said...

I can't wait to read how you and Davy got "Loco's Law" passed. This has been a terribly sad story, but I'm glad you had the courage to turn it into something positive.

Bless Davy's heart. (And yours.)

Lux's Mom

Gemini said...

Wow! What a lot of work you did to help out. We couldn't stop thinking about Davey. We've heard from time to time about cat mutilations and killings in areas where we live. However, having primarily indoor only cats and not knowing anyone who had lost a cat to this horrible crime it was just another news story to not be watched too closely. Having to realize what people go through when it happens was horrifying and upsetting.

We do live in an area where coyotes get cats sometimes. Trust me, it's a messy site. A coyote around the suburbs is usually frustrated, confused and probably very hungry if he's close enough to get a cat--they aren't neat enough to severe a head.

I am appalled at the children claiming to be Wiccan when what they are doing is certainly quite evil--the opposite of what Wiccans stand for.

We do stand by the concept that the way we treat animals is the way we'd treat humans if we thought we could. We may joke that if our cat doesn't like you, we don't either, but I know there is sometimes truth in a cat's preference.

Karen Jo said...

I had to take a little break between reading today's entry in Davy's story to fight down a strong urge to vomit. I am truly sickened by the way our legal system lets down pet owners everywhere by allowing people like those two boys get off on such technicalities. Those boys learned that there would be no consequences for their horrible activities and were thus encouraged to continue. I find it equally horrifying that the authorities try to cover up such heinous crimes by blaming them on coyotes. There is simply no comparison with the mess a coyote leaves and what you have described. Going through this again by telling us this story must be very painful for you and I applaud your courage and determination to try to put a stop to such things.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Kids or anyone who does this and claims to be wiccan really anger me because they aren't. They are just mean people who want to hurt animals and get away with it because it's not people they are mutilating. I am pagan and a true pagan respects all living things and does no harm to them. Unfortunately the bad press from happening like this stay long after the deed and harm many more than the mourning families who have lost their fluffy babies. You are a brave soul to have taken on changing the world. Great job and looking forward to knowing how Davy changed the law. ~Poi Mom Jane

Christine and FAZ said...

Keep up your amazing work. I am staggered that people get pleasure from doing this type of thing to innocent creatures. C&F

Mr. Hendrix said...

I am so proud of you for pushing through the pain of losing poor Davey, and in such an awful way, to help other animals. I have tears in my eyes as I think about this. I live in Ohio and our laws are appalling when it comes to animal cruelty. I write letters to our Reps., but nothing ever changes.
The poor dog they found last week, however, has so enraged the public that the prosecuter himself is getting involved with increasing the punishment for cruelty. It is terrible that people like that exist. Scary, scary, scary.
I can't wait to hear about Loco's Law and how you and sweet Davey helped to pass it.

Victor Tabbycat said...

I'm not sure my Mom could haf done what you did. Approaching people and pushin fur answers isn't her strong point. Blamin wildlife mite protect children frum the truth, but usin that lie wif adults almost, gee, condones the behavior! Oingo Boingo's song, Only A Lad comes to mind.

Mom grew up beleafin it was cruel to make cats stay inside, but then sumone was shootin cats a few blocks away, her cat was hit by a car (lived), an she saw a cat that had been killed by a car, so only the firstest cat was allowed out.

Sunrunner said...

I am amazed that those cities/counties tried to pass off the mutilations as coyotes. I work at a correctional facility that has housed animal abusers, and they truly do only start with animals. They move on to children, then eventually to adults and families. It is very very frightening. The police should have done much more than they did, especially when the remains were left in a place where specific age groups would find them. And then to top it all off by saying they were Wiccan!!! That behavior is absolutely the total opposite of everything Wiccans believe in!

Thank you so much for the work you have done and continue to do. More people need to take an active stand like you! Take care.


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story with everyone and for the work you did to stop these horrific acts. It just appals me what some people are capable of. I'm just glad I never have to go Out of Doors unless I'm in the stroller. ((Hugs)) to your mom who went through so much to help these animals.