Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Da Udder Side ov da Noos and Rocking Boy Blogger Awards

Sarge Charlie (Auntie Bee's hubby) and Jazper at Purrchance to Dream have nominated us Mancats here at the Forty Paws for the Rocking Boy Blogger Awards. We ist furry honored.

The deal is, we're supposed to nominate 5 Mancats who we think Rock!!

We nominate Bendrix. He is Mr. Hendrix's alter ego. He has lots of fun, and does all the naughty things in the house.

And Eric and Flynn in the UK!! Their antics keep us laffin and laffin as Jeter Harris would say. They're always finding something to get into when they're out walking the fields.

And Icon Baxter Bentley. He's very nice to put up with foster kittens. And he even shares his blog with them!!!

And Chase because he has to put up with Meezer type cats!!! He has lots of patience to put up with Kaze and Latte. He's a good Mancat.

And Pumpkin in Hawaii! He has the floofiest tail ever and lives with 3 other poodins, 2 woofies and a fev-ver maker! He has a big fambly!!

Now, fur da udder side ov da noos.

Yup, as meny ov u haf notissed, Orinch is stil cummin rownd owr howse. We dunt freek owt no more tho. We ist gittin reel uzed to him now. We jist sit an watch him eet, den he goes an lays unner da Aristocrat Pear tree an watches us while we watch him. Nope, he hazn't hadded his hoo-haw-ectomy yet. Maw hazn't trappeded him agin after her first cat-trapping-tas-trophy. She ist tryin to befurriend him, but since it's bin rainin so much, she hazn't bin owtside much. So Orinch is stil walkin rownd in all his glory. And NO!!! Orinch will NOT come inside wid da rest of us. So we will be 40 paws inside and mebbe 4 paws owtside. Datz it.

Itz been rainin an rainin heer at da Forty Paws an purt neer efurry ware else rownd Texasss. All da lakes dat wuz closed last yeer fur lack ov water ist closed dis yeer fur too much watter. Go figger. Da beans wuz complainin last yeer cuz da lakes wuz dry an dey couldn't git wild & crazy on dem on da 4th of July. So dis yeer da beans is complainin cuz da lakes ist too wet an dey caint git wild & crazy on dem on da 4th of July. Go figger. All da pic-a-nic areas r unner water. All da boat ramps ist unner water. All da campgrounds ist unner water.

And did u no dat if yur water hast lotz of minerals in it an ist berry hard, den u hast to change yur toilet flapper more often? Yup. Dat ist true. And did u no dat wen yur lakes dry up reeely bad, da minerals git efen more concentrated an yur dishwasher leaves a whitish film on yur clean dishes? Yup, lotz of beans called da dishwasher ree-pare-man last summer cuz der dishwashers weren't workin rite. Well, it wuz da water frum da dried up lakes. Yup.

Be keerful, der mite be a PoP Kwiz.

We wood send u beans who needz rain sum ov owrs, but we fownd owt dat it leaks owtta da boxes dat da man in da blue shorts gives us. Sorry. We tried.

Luf, Us


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Pleez. pleez don't send us enny rain. The wevverman sed we're not going to haf enny good wevver until August, and it hasn't hardly stopped raining since the beginning of June. Fanks furr nominating us as Rocking Boy Bloggers.
If dat Orinch is going to be an outdoor kitty, yoo mite haf to call yerselfs 40+4 Paws. Hehe.
It's funny cuz we wuz reading yer Post, when the email sed we had a comment furrom yoo.

Spike William and Angels China Cat and Willow said...

I like that picture of Orinch - he looks like me! I'm sorry that you have too much water this 4th of July but hope that you all have fun anyway!

Purrrs, China Cat

Anonymous said...

tanks for trying to send us some uf your rain waters. we needs them here! y'all are furry good kitties today i see, in no truble at all. i am furry proud uf you!

smiles, auntie bee

Unknown said...

Ugh, rain. Rain means we can't go outside and catch critters, so I don't think I like it. I suppose a little bit (but not much) is good for the ground and stuff, though.

I hope that your Maw can befriend Orinch! The poor kitty doesn't know the joy of early morning wet cat food.


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We fink dat sumone put a "free food fur tramp kitties" sign in yoor yard. Yoo just can't see it. Mom had one of doze in our yard when she furst moved here. Der useta be lots of kitties coming around, haffing babies and eating all da food mom started putting out. Den she started trapping, fixing and re-homing dem. Da naybors came and complained dat she was taking der cats...hey, dey had no collars and were basikaly stray cats so, to bad for yoo grate fur da kitties who now haf homes dat don't let dem wander.

Daisy said...

We learned that lesson about the toilet flapper, too. Yep, and the white film on the dishes. Blimey! (I learned that new word from Ernest).

Mo and The Purries said...

Those were some great Big Man Cats that you tagged for the award!
And we do need the rain here, and we're said it leaks outta the boxes!
We haven't had a drop in a month - and guess what, they think we might have showers on the 4th of July. The lake people's not happy.


We is fine-ally gettin our water frum da skies. In fact it am rainin here rite noos! We hopes yur howze don't float away!

We fink dat is furry nice of yur Maw to have 4 more paws, efven if Ornich has no stay outside.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Congratulation on your award! :) Very well deserved. :) You've chosen some great recipients as well!

The water here in Munich is very hard, so my humans give me bottled water. I don't like the taste of regular Munich water at all.

snowforest said...

Congrats on your nomination ~ it's raining everywhere these days I guess!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Aw thanks guys (& gals)! I'm glad you think I'm manly (especially Annie Merrow!!!). Beans can never be happy with anything its either too much or not enough.


Lux said...

Hey, congratulations on your nomination!

We've heard about all your rain - seems like there should be some balance somewhere!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Orinch is a sweet kitty. He knows there is love at your house.

We have very little rain here too...

I am glad that all of you are well.
I heard daddy saying that we might need a new frigerater... becuase it soundds like squirrels juggeling acorns in the motor thing. So we do not need any other troubles thanks anyway ... haha meaow

Have a happy day all ten of you and Orinch too

Parker said...

We are ready for a quiz! Orich should get very friendly with your Maw, he needs a snip and some lovin'! Maybe after a snip he can find a forever indoor home!

The Furry Kids said...

We didn't know that about the water. Yikes!
We've still got your weather in the mitten state. It hasn't rained in weeks. Momma wishes you could share some of your rain.


Unknown said...

we are so glad you are helping Orinch.

We were complaing bout the rain couple weeks ago but now we needs it. It's doing that light up the sky thing right now, but no thunderbooms and no water from the sky.

the 2-legged kitten has his VERY OWN lake in the backyard!! Can you believe it?!

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Yeah, send some rain up here to oregon...it hasn't rained in a few days and I miss it already. :(
But seriously, hope things dry out for everyone down there soon. :)
Happy 4th!!