Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Fabrics for Ham-Micks!

Maw ordered some new fabrics from JoAnn, and she received them and now they are posted! Lots of cute poodie-tat portraits! Click on Dorf's picture to the upper left, or go down two posts and you'll see them all! Oh goodness gracious! This is way too much fun!

Luf, Us


Cory said...

ohh goodie...I think my mom just ordered 2!!!!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Those are pretty!

Karen Jo said...

Really cool hammicks! I think my is thinking of ordering one for my birthday. Thanks for your encouragement on my poop puddles. My Mom would love to think that they are nothing serious, but they are. Damn virii! Why couldn't my previous family have taken me to the shelter at once when they discovered that they were allergic to me instead of dumping me outside to take care of myself at one year old? Stupid humans! I should be grateful that they took me to the Shelter at all.

sanjeet said...

, that would make me very, very scairted, too!
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Tyler said...

hey friends i had to put Tyler to sleep last night. i'm a wreck. i wanted to reach out to some of his old friends, just to maybe hear that you understand what it's like. Doesn't seem like you're blogging much either. Ty's mom lynn