Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Diets Suck

So Maw takes me to da V-E-T yesterday. This was not sumting dat I wuz ikspektin. She tells da V-E-T dat I bin bery le-thar-gik. She sez Eyem dinkin lotza water. She sez Eyem yakkin.

So da V-E-T tries to palpate my tummy and such. She sez I'm "overweight". Excuse me? Dat is not nice to say to a lady. She sez my liver feels funny, but it mite just be da fat. Excuse me? She sez she wanna take dem x-rays and pull blood outta me. An she also sticks a needle in da bump on my lip. Excuse me?????

So den da V-E-T brings dem x-ray visions bac to show Maw an sez dat wun of my kidneys is square, probly cuz da fat is pushin on it, and my stomach is in the wrong spot, probly cuz da fat is pushin on it, and she caint see my liver real gud cuz the fat is in da way, and my body extends bowt 2 inches past my frame. She sez Eyem FAT. Excuse me? Wat do u ekspect wen der is 5 types of fud laid owt banquet style an I kaint run an leap cuz of my disabilities?

Den she tells my Maw dat I shuud way bowt 8-10 lbs. Maw's jaw hitted da floor. Maw sez "But that's what Sally weighs and she is the tiniest cat we have!" Da V-E-T shows dis chart to Maw an sez I must go on a diet immediately. She says dat mebbe I be ok at only 12 lbs. Well, now, that don't sownd az bad. Dat's only 5 1/2 lbs instead of 7 1/2. Excuse ME???

Maw here: A diet for Gatsbi won't be as difficult as it would for any other cat here because we can put everyone's food up on the counters and tables and Gatsbi can't get to it. She can't jump because of her disabilities. So, we've put the prescription diet on the floor for Gatsbi, but come to find out, several of the cats are enjoying it. Well, that's ok because several of the cats here at Forty Paws could be considered "overweight".

Of course, this change to the feeding arrangement has got all of the cats quite upset. You know how they hate change. And you know that weight loss in cats must be done very slowly and carefully because they can easily get Fatty Liver Syndrome or Hepatic Lipidosis. This is a disease where a lack of appetite can trigger fat cells to start accumulating in the liver which can't break them down quickly enough. This can cause irreparable damage to the liver if not caught quickly and treated. Obese cats are particularly susceptible to Fatty Liver Syndrome and it is extremely important for the humans to watch for signs of inappetite and get veterinary help immediately.

So we are awaiting the blood results and also waiting to see if we will need to have a sonogram done on Gatsbi's liver if the liver counts are off.

Gatsbi here: Diet's SUCK!!!!


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh you poor thing! I hate a diet! I am also a XL size cat, and I hope I don't have to be on a diet soon too. I am going to the Vet tomorrow to get my ears cleaned again.

Unknown said...

Gastbi, we is sorry you had to go to the V-E-T. Even sorrier they stuck you and put you on a DIET! The horror! But it's only to help you! Just 'member that!


Daisy said...

Oh, Gatsbi! I am sorry you have to go on a diet. But yer Mommie just wants what is best for you.

Did you get to see the picture of yer skeleton!??! Those x-ray visions are funny.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Oh daer, this is sounding suspiciously like Shaggy! His x-rays showed his intestines are all bunched together instead of spread out, probably because the fat is pushing on it! I did the same thing with the food. Diet on the floor. Regular for Scout on the counter. No way can Shaggy jump up there!!! Now I must not give in to the constant whining, & meowing & pitiful looks I get from him! sss's mom

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We are sending special hugs and purrs to Gatsbi. Yes, it is hard when one cat has to have special food.


The M's said...

Diets are not fun, but they are necessary for healthy living. Hope everything is okay with weight loss.


Oh Gatsbi

I is sorry yu has to go on dat specshul diet. Dat doesn't sound like any funs at all. I hope it helps out cuz we all wants yu to stay well and be healthy!

Miss Annie

I wuz finking bout da Balentine partee and I hit on an ider. Since Jazper is escortin Gatsbi,Jenny and Sally. I thought yu might feel a bit more at ease if we had someone else to go wif us too. Emma ofur @ablogforemma is a really sweet tuxie gurl. Her Momma does Kat's Kat of da day. I fink yu wood like her lots. She actually looks like my sisfur Boo. In fact they call them selves sisfurs from anutter Momma.

Will dis be alrite wif yu? I juss want yu to feel com-ter-able wif me, and I fought dis might be a gud way.

Miss Emma is also going wif Wesson who is B.Love brofur. So it wood be a real partee at-most-fear.

I hopes dis will be OK wif yu.

Yur Balentine
Mr. Jinx

Anonymous said...

how dare they insult you like that? isn't the vet supposed to find out why you're sick and then make you better? instead she insults you and starves you? that's just wrong!

by the way, I'm a "big girl" myself, though I'm still a good jumper. sometimes I jump up onto the kitchen table (slick black laquer) and, instead of landing gracefully, I slide the whole length of the table and fall off the other side. but don't tell anybody.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

I didn't know that overweight kitties faced so many health problems. None of my kitties are their "ideal" weight, oops!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...


Meowm and I will purray that your liver is okay. I know diet's are not fun, but I bet you will feel a bit better if you lose some weight. I bet I would feel better if I lost some weight too!

Lux said...

O horrors, that word "diet" again!

But Mom says she didn't know about this Fatty Liver Syndrome and that it's good to be aware of.

Good luck, Gatsbi!



Pleeze go and checks out Skeezix'z Valentine bloggie...Mr. Jinx left somefink ofur der fur yu's!